Institute of Intelligent Power Electronics

The Institute of Intelligent Power Electronics (IPE) covers the whole interdisciplinary area of power electronics. The basic knowledge includes the converters used in switching power conversion. In real applications, however, expertise in motor drives, instrumentation, signal processing and control is needed.

IPE brings together expertise in this area within Aalto University and acts as a flexible link between it and industry. The main goal of the institute is to promote research co-operation between industry and the participating units of the Aalto University. Research projects are typically funded by TEKES and Finnish industry.

The expertise within the institute concentrates on the following:

  • Power Electronics: switching power conversion, converter topologies, power supplies
  • Industrial Electronics: signal processing and intelligent instrumentation, soft computing
  • Electric Drives: control, design and analysis of electric drives
  • Electromechanics: design and analysis of electric motors and inductive components
  • Control Engineering: control theory, estimation and identification, neuro-fuzzy technologies

Head of the institute is Professor Seppo Ovaska.



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