The research focus areas of the department are power systems and conversion, control, robotics and autonomous systems, well-being and a smart living environment, industrial electronics and informatics. The department is a major player in Aalto University’s Energy Efficiency Research programme AEF.

Focus areas

The four research focus areas of the department are as follows:

  • Power systems and conversion
  • Control, robotics and autonomous systems
  • Well-being and a smart living environment
  • Industrial electronics and informatics

The well-being and smart living environment areas include topics like health technologies and illumination engineering. The department focus areas are very well in line with the School of Electrical Engineering focus areas.

 The department is a major player in Aalto University’s Energy Efficiency Research programme, AEF. We are PIs in two of the nine ongoing projects and participate in two other projects as well. Furthermore, the department participates in all four ongoing projects coordinated by the school’s Energy Efficiency Programme (EEF). The department head Jorma Kyyrä is also the coordinator for the EEF programme.

 Research groups

The key areas of expertise have a background on the existing 17 research groups and the Institute of Intelligent Power Electronics:



Automatic control Kai Zenger, Professor Arto Visala
Autonomous systems Professor Arto Visala
Computational electromechanics Professor Anouar Belahcen
Defense electronics Professor Pekka Eskelinen
Distributed systems Professor Themistoklis Charalambous
Electric drives Professor Marko Hinkkanen
Electromagnetics in health technologies Assistant Professor Ilkka Laakso
Electromechanics Professor Antero Arkkio
Electronics integration and reliability Professor Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel
Environmental electronics Professor Raimo Sepponen, Professor Pekka Eskelinen
Health technology Professor Raimo Sepponen
Illumination engineering Professor Liisa Halonen
Industrial and power electronics Professor Seppo Ovaska, Professor Jorma Kyyrä
Information and computer systems in automation Professor Valeriy Vyatkin , Professor of Practice Tommi Karhela
Intelligent robotics Professor Ville Kyrki
Robotic Instruments Professor Quan Zhou
Microsystem technology Professor Tomi Laurila
Power systems ans High Voltage Engineering Professor Matti Lehtonen
Sensor informatics and medical technology Professor Simo Särkkä
Transmission systems Professor Liisa Haarla

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