From everyday ideas to innovations in health care

12. huhtikuu 2016

Technology and the challenges of everyday life meet in innovation workshops organised in connection with the Health Capital Helsinki collaboration.

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New equipment for the Electrics Workshop course

4. huhtikuu 2016

Tauno Voipio donates €23 000 towards course that supports learning-by-doing.


Business and growth from research in the field of health

4. maaliskuu 2016

To boost growth, Aalto University and the University of Helsinki join their forces in top-level science with HUS and the City of Helsinki.

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Health Capital Helsinki brings together top experts

17. helmikuu 2016

Broad cooperation is needed in the creation of new companies, in order for the right know-how and people to find each other.

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More than a third of the handsets used in Finland are 4G/LTE capable

29. tammikuu 2016

More than a third of the handsets used in Finland are 4G/LTE capable

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Big Data can help leukemia patients and prematurely born babies

15. tammikuu 2016

Aalto University participates in a research project developing new data-driven technologies for health care.

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Smartphones pose new challenges for combining sensor data

5. tammikuu 2016

Professor Simo Särkkä utilises sensor technology developed in the telecom industry in medical applications.

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Electromagnetic model of the brain allows us to see inside the human head

28. joulukuu 2015

Professor Ilkka Laakso is a pioneer in his field. The electromagnetic modelling of the brain, which began in Japan is now continuing.

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Antenna placement for hockey puck transmitter studied at corporate collaboration course

18. joulukuu 2015

It will be possible to use the results to make a functioning prototype hockey puck that uses the interior positioning system.

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WorkPartner robot retired to the Museum of Technology

9. joulukuu 2015

The robot's development project took place during the time when digitalisation started strongly influence the development of machines.

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A public lecture series of Cyber Security

3. joulukuu 2015

Discussion on cyber security will continue in spring 2016 with a series of five lectures.

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Looking for the right robot

4. marraskuu 2015

In service robotics development everything starts with the users, says Ville Kyrki, who leads the ROSE project.

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Generations came together at AlumniWeekend seminar

30. lokakuu 2015

The Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering's traditional AlumniWeekend attracted a record number of participants.


Aalto-led strategic projects receive funding of over EUR 13 million

13. lokakuu 2015

The projects study the impacts and opportunities of digitalisation, service robotics, the platform economy, and the energy revolution.

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Student ambassadors travelled by train to put exchange studies on European map

29. syyskuu 2015

The purpose of the Game of Trains journey was to make exchange studies more well-known on both sides in European universities.


Finnish electric car owners don't even need a wallet

4. elokuu 2015

The charging business that utilises research done at Aalto University also attracts interest elsewhere in Europe.

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Jyri Hämäläinen appointed Dean of Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering

15. kesäkuu 2015

His five-year period as dean starts on 1 August 2015.

Other Press releases

New professors appointed to Electrical Systems

8. toukokuu 2015

D.Sc. (Tech.) Simo Särkkä and D.Sc. (Tech.) Ilkka Laakso have been appointed at Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

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Magnetic resonance imaging replacing computed tomography in radiotherapy planning

27. huhtikuu 2015

Radiotherapy for prostate cancer can be planned on the basis of magnetic resonance imaging, according to a fresh doctoral dissertation.

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Aalto University taking part in the EU's largest research consortium

5. joulukuu 2014

Research project funding has been planned for the long term.

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Robotics Week raises awarness of the spread of robotics

26. marraskuu 2014

The Robotics Roadmap would guide national developments in the field in the face of accelerating international competition

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AlumniWeekend brings together old and new students in Finland's 'Silicon Valley'

28. lokakuu 2014

On an October Saturday, the AlumniWeekend seminar brought a record number of participants to the School of Electrical Engineering.


Professor Jyri Hämäläinen appointed vice dean

27. lokakuu 2014

Professor Jyri Hämäläinen from the Department of Communications and Networking has been appointed as vice dean responsible for teaching.


Keijo Nikoskinen named Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering

14. lokakuu 2014

Professor Keijo Nikoskinen (b. 1962) has been appointed to the post of Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering.


80 years of Ceremonial Conferments of Doctoral Degrees in the field of technology

6. lokakuu 2014

The Aalto University schools of technology will hold a second joint Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Otaniemi on 10 October 2014.


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